This slow gentle class is for the novice as well as the seasoned practitioner. It focuses on the fundamentals to create a strong foundation for a more vigorous practice.

Intro Power Yoga

Students in this class are introduced to a more flowing vinyasa practice. Prior yoga experience is recommended for this class.

Power Yoga
It's like Ashtanga Improve! Like Ashtanga it runs a full 90 minutes and produces that same internal heat which promotes detoxification. We will do many of the same postures that you already know but the difference lies in that we will add a variety of poses so that you can experiment with your practice. Beginners are encouraged to start with Beginners Ashtanga.

Intro Ashtanga
Is an introduction to the Ashtanga Primary Series Vinyasa System, demonstrating the flow of the sun salutations, standing poses and seated poses. This class will offer modifications for more challenging poses and will give you a sound foundation to move into the full primary series.

Ashtanga Primary Series
This class will present the full 90 minute primary series of the Ashtanga Vinyasa System. This practice produces an internal detoxifying heat and is for students who are looking for a deeper practice. Beginners are encourage to start with either Intro Ashtanga or Intro Power Yoga.

$6 Dollar Saturday Yoga
Even if you only do yoga once a week, this is the class for you! An invigorating practice that rejuvenates mind, body, and soul . (pay per class, no packages included)



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