Winter Park Yoga currently has two co-owners Laura Daniel and Krystal Magwire.

“My purpose in Yoga as teacher is to share and assist students to find a path that fits them, to help them find what works best for their body, not to fit them into any pre-determined mold. I want to help them find a yoga practice that will enhance their lives.” – Laura Daniel

"My love for Yoga has brought me to this point. I want to educate the masses of people out there on a healthier lifestyle, and to help others find the balance and happiness in wich I have found. Above all I want peace to prevail." - Krystal Magwire

“Krystal is a rare and precious spirit. The joy and lightness she offers is such a blessing to experience. Her child-like wonder combines with focus and dedication is sure to inspire so many to be better- as students and as human beings. She is a tremendous assets to the community.” – Cynthia Payne, LMT.

325 S. Orlando Avenue, Building 1, Suite 8, Winter Park, Florida 32789 407 647 9642

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